At ECS, we take full responsibility for the solutions being provided. That’s why we operate “direct to market” and don’t endorse the certified integrator model.

When it comes to lighting design, it is important to achieve the appropriate light distribution and light levels in the space. ECS’s technical capability ensures our solutions are designed to be fit for purpose.

We work closely with consultants to ensure the correct products/solutions are selected, with a particular focus on energy conservation strategies and minimising expenditure, through design.

With the cost of labour being a significant element of any project, our products/solutions are quick and easy to program and commission, using a hand-held infrared device. This also enables us to physically operate in the space being commissioned and visualise any abnormalities that might exist and have them rectified on the spot.

Unlike many solutions available in the market, the failure of a luminaire does not require the engagement of ECS for re-programming. Our products/solutions are intelligent enough to revert to the same control strategy after the luminaire is replaced, providing a full life-cycle cost benefit to the client.

Energy efficiency not only saves on the power bill, but also helps improve the valuation of your asset, attract better tenants and command higher rents. At ECS, we are all about energy and financial (CAPEX and OPEX) savings – “our promise, you’ll save”.