PD-C 360i/8 A KNX


PD-C 360i/8 T KNX


PD-C 360i/8 O KNX


Thanks to its unique multi-sensor elements, the ATMO KNX presence detector ensures not only an optimal level of brightness, but also a healthy and productive ambient climate in the room. With a total of six sensors in just one device, there is no need for several individual solutions. This shows just how easy it is to accommodate complex requirements using intelligent technology.

• Extensive multi-sensor elements for intelligent light and HVAC control
• Demand-driven switching of lighting or automatic light control at a constant brightness level depending on presence and daylight (constant lighting control)
• Measurement of the ambient temperature as heat reflection of surfaces in the room (furniture, floors, walls); enables a constant temperature level regardless of short-term changes (e.g. temporary ventilation, open door etc.)
• With optional additional measurement of the relative humidity for dew point calculation (e.g. to avoid mould growth in rooms that are not used very often)
• With optional additional measurement of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) for optimal control of the air quality; alternatively, for control purposes, a visual or acoustic warning can be given if a limit value is exceeded (for needs-based manual ventilation)
• Built-in acoustic sensor to support PIR sensors in complex and angular rooms
• Lens cover can be cut to size, allowing simple adjustment of the field of detection and range


Technology: PIR

Coverage: 360°

Detection range: 8m diameter at 3.0m mounting height (max height 5m)

Operating voltage: from KNX BUS 29-31V

Setting options: remotely with ETS-Software, temporarily electronically by IR Mobil-PDi/user and Mobil-PDi/Mdi-universal remote controls (ordered separately)

Slave input: Yes device can be configured as master or slave

Lux level adjustment: 5 – 10000 lux (adjustable)

KNX output: presence, status, light value, HVAC

KNX input: manual light control, block objects, reset, slave

Sensitivity configurable via ETS: Yes

Material: UV-stabilised polycarbonate

Dimension round: Approx 30mm, Ø 94mm

Dimension square: Approx 30mm, 77x77mm

Fascia colour round plastic: White or Black

Fascia colour round glass: White or Black

Fascia colour square plastic:White or Black

Fascia colour square glass:White or Black

IP rating: IP20 recessed mount

Programming: IR remote


Light Channel: c1+c2 switching/dimming, offset (-50% to +50%)

Sends telegram at regular intervals: yes

Master/slave function: true

Constant light level: true

Presence simulation: true

Manual override: yes, manual, yes via IR

Nightlight feature: yes

Interface: KNX

Switch off delay time: disabled 30seconds/1 minute/12 hours

Exit: presence

Turn on delay: disabled 2/min-30min

Switch off delay channel 2: 10 sec – 1 hour

Orientation light: disabled 10-50%, 2 value can be selected

Switch off delay time, orientation: only in controlled modus continuous lighting 1min-250min