PD-360i/24SMB Profesional 360° PIR Hi-Bay sensor

Large open warehouses with high ceilings mean high energy costs. The DA’SEL range includes sensors that are optimised for peak performance in these spaces.

Using high definition optics, precise masking and user-defined daylight linking, DA’SEL saves energy by ensuring lights are never left burning needlessly in vacant areas or where there is already enough natural light.

The range covers mounting heights up to 16m in both recessed and surface mount.

Both the Mid-Bay and Hi-Bay sensors are engineered to deliver optimum presence detection. The Mid-Bay sensor is suited to mounting heights up to 12m, while the Hi-Bay sensor is suited to mounting heights up to 16m.



• High sensitivity occupancy detection

• Integrated daylight sensing

• Quick and easy commissioning with wireless programming

• Enhanced detection range

• Ratio:

–  Mid-Bay 2:1

–  Hi-Bay 1.9:1

• Presence and absence mode operation

• Simplified installation

• Flush and surface mount options



Technology: PIR

Coverage: 360°

Detection Range: 30.4m diameter at 16m mounting height

Operating voltage: 230AC/50Hz

Delay time: 5, 10, 20, 40 minutes

Walk test: 10 seconds

Load rating: 6A

Lux level adjustment: 100-1000 lux (adjustable)

Fascia colour: White

Material: Flame retardent PC/ABS

IP rating: 4x

Programming: Via Quickset




• Offices

• Corridors

• Washrooms

• Storage areas