MD 120, White


MD 120, Brown


MD 120, Black

Mounted on house walls, garages or other façades, the MD outdoor motion detectors enable discreet, needs-based control of outdoor lighting. Different housing colours enable a perfect visual match with the respective building.

  • Motion and daylight dependent switching of outdoor lighting
  • Simple wall mounting thanks to universal one-handed plug-in base with large wiring area
  • Special bracket for mounting on inner and outer corners available as an accessory
  • Simple through-wiring thanks to double line entrance with elastic sealing membrane
  • Immediately ready for use thanks to pre-installed factory settings
  • Simple adjustment of the range and field of detection thanks to the revolving and tilting ball head technology and the lens cover, which can be cut to size
  • Change the level of brightness and switch-ff delay time easily using the operating elements on the detector
  • Optimised to control LED lights while protecting the relay through zero-cross switching


Technical Data

Ballast: Switching

Operating Voltage: 230V 50Hz

Field of Detection: 32m²

Operating Temperature: -25 °C…+55 °C

Beam angle: 
120 °

Size: 102x74x81mm

Colour: White, Brown and Black

Material: UV-stabilised polycarbonate

Weight: 1.9 kg

IP Rating: IP 44


MD Corner Bracket, White

MD Corner Bracket, Brown

MD Corner Bracket, Black

RC Filter/Snubber, Grey