The LED panel lights in the NOVA series provide energy-efficient lighting in offices, conference rooms and other areas. They are designed for suspended system ceilings, but are also suitable for other installation types with suitable accessories — and are also impressive as special designs in intelligent lighting systems thanks to their high light quality.

An optimal indoor lighting system is based on the dynamic progression of natural daylight, on the interaction between the sun and the sky. Brightness and light colour change over the course of the day, and the illuminance always considerably exceeds the standard required minimum.

This additional light quality has far-reaching consequences. It has a positive effect on the human hormonal balance, enhances vitality and the ability to concentrate, and helps people make fewer errors. It makes people simply feel better, and be more productive. Additionally, light is the most important clock for keeping humans in the day-night rhythm. A particularly bright light with a high proportion of blue light during the day stabilises this rhythm. It ensures that people experience deeper and more refreshing sleep at night –which also benefits their health.

Therefore, the best light in the workplace helps not only with the recognition of objects, surfaces, letters and numbers. Biologically effective light, also known as Human Centric Lighting, sustainably improves quality of life. This benefits both individual people and ultimately even entire national economies. There is no question: standards are important. However, anyone who wants the best light needs to exceed them by a wide margin. SymbiLogic technology helps us achieve this in an incredibly energy-efficient way.

The ESYLUX Light Control ELC technology is designed to radically simplify intelligent lighting and ventilation of rooms while at the same time offering the best possible light quality, even for those on a limited budget. You have the option to easily compile your own customised lighting system from various individual components, including ELC ceiling lights, ELC sensors, ELC control units (SmartDriver), cables and other accessories. All items can be installed via plug-and-play, the system can be used immediately without any programming effort and rapid modernisation is possible during on-going operation. The integrated SymbiLogic technology delivers energy-efficient human-centriclighting, while demand-driven ventilation ensures an optimal indoor climate.


  • Better quality of life included – SymbiLogic technology for energy-efficient human-centriclighting (light colour: Tunable White)
  • Flawless networking – simple grouping via plug-and-play
  • Tailored control – convenient manual or digital operating options
  • Plug-and-play in a new dimension – easy to configure in seven step


Key features

• Electronic ballast, Tunable White ESYLUX Lighting Control (ELC)
• Bluetooth control optional
• KNX control optional
• Prismatic diffuser – transparent (CRYSTAL) or opal (MILKY)
• Flicker-free operation
• Up to 125 lm per watt
• 30W
• 3000K and 4000K
• Made in Germany


Technical Data

Ballast: DALI

Operating Voltage: 230V 50Hz

Luminous Flux:

• 30W 2700-6500K Crystal 3970lm
• 30W 2700-6500K Milky 3400lm

Diffuser Micro-prismatic: 

• Transparent (Crystal)
• Opal (Milky)

Operating Temperature: 0 °C…+40 °C

Beam angle: 
90 °

Unified Glare Rating: ≤ 19

Flicker factor: <3 %

LED service life: 

• L70B50 = 100,000 h
• L80B50 = 65,000 h
• L90B50 = 30,000 h
• L80B10 = 50,000 h

Size: 593x593x57.6mm

Colour rendering index Ra: > 80

Colour: White, similar to RAL 9003

Material: Varnished steel

Weight: 5kg

IP Rating: IP 20

ESYLUX Lighting Control (ELC):

ELC SmartDriver Tunable White x4
ELC SmartDriver Tunable White x4 Bluetooth
ELC SmartDriver Tunable White x4 KNX
ELC SmartDriver Tunable White x6
ELC SmartDriver Tunable White x6 Bluetooth
ELC SmartDriver Tunable White x6 KNX
ELC SmartDriver Tunable White x8
ELC SmartDriver Tunable White x8 Bluetooth
ELC SmartDriver Tunable White x8 KNX


ESYLUX Lighting Control PIR Sensor:

ELC 360° 8m PIR sensor
ELC 360° 24m PIR sensor



PNL 600 UMF SM White

PNL 625 UMF SM White

Connection Cable RJ45 5m Red

Connection Cable RJ45 5m Blue

Connection Cable RJ45 10m Blue