PD 360i/24 SLAVE

PD 360/24 Slave 

The tried-and-tested technology in the Standard series is suitable for many different applications in buildings. Multiple variants of the presence and motion detector enable flexible application thanks to the different fields of detection, installation types and further details.



• Slave presence detector for extending the field of detection of a master presence detector with 360° field of detection for ceiling mount

• Range of up to 24m in diameter as a cost efficient system upgrade with up to 6 additional extensions

• Ideal for use in areas with ceilings of up to 10m, such as sports halls, warehouses etc.



Technology: PIR

Coverage: 360°

Detection Range: 24m diameter at 3.0m mounting height (max. 10m)

Operating voltage: 230V AC/50 Hz

Material: UV-stabilised polycarbonate

Dimension: 75mm, Ø 140mm

IP rating: IP20 recessed mount, IP 54 with surface-mounted box


Channel 1: Presence