PD 360/8 Basic KNX

The BASIC presence and motion detectors offer a simply entry route into demand-driven building automation for intelligent light control. They are particularly suitable for cost-sensitive projects or areas of the building where simple functionality is sufficient — and thanks to the high-quality PIR and light sensors from ESYLUX still provide quality, energy efficiency and comfort.


• Demand-driven light switching
• Optimised for the control of LED lights via zero-cross switching (ceiling detector) or tungsten pre-contact (wall detector)
• Setting options using remote control (‘i’ versions) or adjustment control, e.g. fully automatic/semi-automatic, light values, switch-off delay times and button functions
• Switching delay to avoid incorrect switching due to temporary, e.g. weather-related brightness variations
• Manual override with staircase lighting function for detectors with push button input
• Various installation options (ceiling, SMB, wall mounting)
• Wall-mounted variants compatible with common brands of switch series for a harmonious look



Technology: PIR

Coverage: 360°

Detection range: 8m diameter at 3.0m mounting height (max height 5m)

Operating voltage: from KNX BUS 29-31V

Setting options: remotely with ETS-Software, temporarily electronically by ESY-Pen and IR Mobil-PDi/Mdi-universal remote controls (ordered separately)

Slave input: Yes device can be configured as master or slave

Lux level adjustment: 5 – 2000 lux (adjustable)

KNX output: Light channel C1

KNX input: manual light control, block objects, reset, slave

Sensitivity configurable via ETS: Yes

Material: UV-stabilised polycarbonate

Dimension : Approx 33mm, Ø 99mm

IP rating: IP40 recessed mount

Programming: IR remote

Switch-off delay channel 1 30 s – 30 min
Bus voltage 29-31 V = (KNX)
KNX output Light channel c1
Sensitivity configurable via ETS No
Sends a telegram at regular intervals No
Master/slave function true

Light Channel: c1 Switching

Interface: Switching

Contact: Bus System

Sends a telegram at regular intervals: No

Master/slave function: true

Constant light level: false

Presence simulation: false

Manual override: yes, manual, yes via IR

Nightlight feature: No

Switch off delay time: 30 seconds – 30 minutes