PD 360i/8

PD 360i/8

The tried-and-tested technology in the Standard series is suitable for many different applications in buildings. Multiple variants of the presence and motion detector enable flexible application thanks to the different fields of detection, installation types and further details.



• Presence detector with 360° field of detection for ceiling mounting

• Range of up to 8m in diameter

• 16A high-performance relay

• Default settings ensure immediate operability

• Automatic light control by DALI electronic ballasts to a constant brightness level depending on presence and natural light (with DALI output)

• Two-part housing with sensor head and power box for quick and easy installation

• Variants for recessed ceiling mounting and flush mounting; surface mounting with accessories

• Demand-drive light switching

• Setting options using remote control (‘i’ versions) or adjustment control, e.g. fully automatic/semi-automatic, light values, switch-off delay times and button functions

• Optimised for the control of LED lights via high-performance relay with tungsten pre-contact

• Manual override with staircase lighting function for detectors with push button input

• Push terminals with through-wiring option

• Large wiring space due to low overall height of the power box

• Wall-mounted variants compatible with common brands of switch series for a harmonious look



Technology: PIR

Coverage: 360°

Detection Range: 8m diameter at 3.0m mounting height (max. 5m)

Operating voltage: 230V AC/50 Hz

Slave input: Yes

Lux level adjustment: 5 – 2000 lux (adjustable)

Material: UV-stabilised polycarbonate

Dimension: 63mm, Ø 140mm

IP rating: IP20 recessed mount, IP 54 with surface-mounted box

Programming: IR remote


Channel 1: Lighting

Interface: Switching

Contact: make contact/non-floating

In-rush current: 800A/200μs

Switch input: Yes

Switch-off delay time: approx. 15 seconds – 30 minutes


Channel 2: HVAC

Contact: Floating 230V AC/2 A, 24 V DC/2 A

Switch-off delay channel 2: approx. 5 minutes – 120 minutes