With its minimalist design ROTANO V.3, which provides the means to achieve energy savings at affordable costs thanks to LED Technology, is now at the center stage of outdoor lighting that is necessary in many areas of life.


Technical Data:

•  Power Supply: 220-240V AC 50/60 Hz

•  Housing: Aluminium Injection Monoblock Housing

•  Diffuser: Tempered glass

•  Optical: Wide angle lens

•  Light Source: Power LED

• Power and Luminous Flux Power LED:

–  24W 2480lm

–  32W 3747lm

–  41W 4851lm

–  57W 6613lm

–  70W 8467lm

–  78W 9235lm

–  103W 11210lm

•  Colour Temperature: Natural White / Cool White

•  CRI: >70

•  Installation: Column

•  IP Rating: IP 66



• Options: DALI Compatible