DS100S BASIC 360° PIR sensor

DA’SEL PIR sensors are a high quality sensor and a cost effective solution for commercial and domestic users in helping reduce energy consumption. Energy savings start as soon as the sensors are installed. DA’SEL sensors ensure that lighting only comes on when required, and most importantly that lighting is switched off when an area is no longer in use.



• Reliable occupancy detection

• Integrated daylight sensing

• Manual controls for adjusting time delay and lux levels

• Available in surface and flush mount

• Detection range of 6m diameter at 2.5m mounting height



Technology: PIR

Coverage: 360°

Detection Range: 6m diameter at mounting height of 2.5m

Operating voltage: 240AC/50Hz

Delay time: 10 seconds to 7 minutes

Load rating:

–  Max 1200W Incandescent

–  Max 300W Fluorescent

Lux level adjustment: 3-2000 lux (adjustable)

Fascia colour: White

Material: PC UV proof




• Offices

• Corridors

• Washrooms

• Storage areas