8110 Area Control Unit


The 8110 is a dedicated Area Control Unit (ACU) for use in Energy Conservation Solutions Lighting Management Systems.

It provides automatic switching of luminaires controlled by the system, based on the time and selected events. It can accept volt-free inputs from external sources (such as a BMS) and use these as a trigger for programmed switching functions.

The Area Control Unit consists of a stand-alone wall mounted enclosure with a PC interface. The unit incorporates a real time clock/calendar and battery backed memory protection of at least one year in the event of mains failure.

The Area Control Unit is suitable for controlling a large lighting control system. It is capable of signaling to 200 independent Lighting Control Units (LCU’s). Each LCU can be selected to receive signals from any one of 200 addresses



Technical Data


  • Operating Voltage: 240v 50Hz
  • Maximum Current Rating: 3Amps
  • PC Interface: RS232 9 Pin D Connector
  • Temperature Range: 0-55oC
  • Dimensions: 200x250x65mm
  • Battery Memory Retention: 1 Year Minimum




Maximum Number of LCM’s: 200

Bus Cable (No Corridor Linking): 2 core 1.0mm2 VC/PVC

Bus Cable (With Corridor Linking): 3 core 1.0mm2 VC/PVC

Maximum Bus Length: 1000m




Number Inputs: 32 x Volt Free

Input Cable (No Corridor Linking): 2 core 1.0mm2 VC/PVC