HP18 Programmer

The HP18 LightSpot Programmer is a user-friendly remote controller for use with infrared-enabled Ex-Or detectors (see ‘Product Compatibility’ below). The HP18 can be used to trigger a total of 18 functions: 6 basic and 12 programming functions.


Technical Data

• Transmission Method: Infrared
• Range: 15m approx
• Battery: 3Vdc CR2032 Lithium Button Cell
• Expected Battery Life: 3 years
• Storage Temperature: -25oC to + 70oC
• Operating Temperature: 0oC to 40oC IP RATING: 40
• Dimensions: 87mm (h) x 40mm (w) x 7mm (d)
• Weight: 200g approx


Product Compatibility

The push-buttons 1-6 (On, Brighten, Set Light Level, Dim and Walk Test) will work with almost all current IR-enabled Ex-Or detectors.
The programming buttons 7-18 can be used with the following part numbers:
• MS1200D(AL)Ix
• MS1200PF
• MS1201Px
• MS2001Ax
• MS2000D(DALI)
• MS2001D(ALI)x
• MSB100xD(ALI)T
• MSB100xPT
• MS2000D(ALI)F
• MSM2000D(ALI)

x denotes any other character/s in the part number