BUS-KNX (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly) Digital Time Switch

BUS-KNX electronic digital switch for the management of electrical loads that allows the time programming (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly) or astronomical.
It allows to control 9 different channels on bus Konnex; the programming of channel 1 is also replicated on the relay on board of memo KNX. Each channel can be associated with a different programming (time or astronomical).
It is possible to connect a GPS module, GEO-1 (available as an accessory), which allows the exact acquisition of  the time, of the date and of the geographical location through the satellite system, ensuring maximum accuracy over time (the time is synchronized every 30 minutes).
The cover on the instrument allows the replacement of the backup battery once discharged.




•  Switching segments for programming (54)

–  Events 30

–  Holiday periods 4

–  Holiday 20

•  The display shows all at once the programming, date and the relay status

•  Sealable cover

•  IR integrated interface for upload/download programs from and to the remote control (available as a accessory)

•  Summertime automatic update (when programmed)

•  Manual override (temporary or permanent)

•  Backlighting of the display always on when mains powered

•  Switch off the relay only in the present of power supply

•  Password protected lock keypad

•  Battery backup for maintaining date and time

•  Low battery signal

•  Replaceable battery

•  Din mounting



Technical Data:

•  Power Supply: 115 – 230V AC(-15% – +10%)

•  Number of channels: 9 different channels on BUS-KNX

•  Output: 1 relay (monostable change-over)

•  Capacity: 16a (10) @ 250V AC

–  Fluorescent lamps @ 240V 600W

–  Incandescent lamps @ 240V 1500W

–  Halogen lamps @ 240V 1500W

•  Programming: Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly or astronomical

•  Programs available:

– On/Off, on pulse, off pulse on holiday, off holiday, random, night (astronomical)

•  Number of storable programmes : 450 (900 events) available on 9 channels

•  Dimensions: 3 Din module (52.5mm)

•  Frequency: 50/60Hz

•  Absorption: 7 (2.6)W

•  Battery back-up: Yes (Approx 5 years lithium CR14250)

•  Switching in case of power failure: No

•  Minimum Switching: 1 minute

•  Temperature Range: -10°C to +50°C

•  IP Rating: IP20

Order Number: VE747300