MLS2000 PIR Dimming Series


MLS Digital offers a flexible, user-responsive, building-wide control solution via a network of communicating detectors. Constant monitoring of occupancy and ambient light levels enables the system to automatically deliver optimum lighting conditions while effecting energy and cost savings.

The detectors covered by this data sheet are designed for use with regulating ballasts (with specific controls for DSI, DALI and 1-10V Analogue types). They are designed for ceiling mounting to provide a group of luminaires with presence detection, daylight regulation/photocell control and full communication functions.


Technical Data


Operating Voltage: 230v 50Hz

Range: 6mt Diameter at a 2.4mt mounting height with a 360deg Cone-shaped detection pattern

Maximum Recommended Mounting Height: 3.0m

Off Delay: 1 minute – 96 hours

Photocell: Regulating

Recommended Circuit Protection: 10 Amps

Pre Programmed: Yes

Colour: White

Material: Flame Retardant PC/ABS



MLS2000D & MLS2000DALI

Capacity: Digital DSI/DALI (9 Ballasts)

Output: Digital DSI

IP Rating: Slimlineflush-4X


MLS2001D & MLS2001DALI

Capacity: (25 Ballasts)

Output: Digital DSI/DALI

IP Rating: Flush & Surface- 4X



Capacity: (25 Ballasts)

Output: 1-10v Analogue

IP Rating: Flush & Surface- 3X


Programming Tools And Controllers