MLS2000ETM Emergency Test Module


The MLS2000ETM Emergency Test Module is used as part of the MLS Digital System to provide an emergency test facility for luminaires which are not connected through the CDW10U5 Connection Centre. It provides a maintained live supply to emergency luminaires.

When an emergency test is required, the user operates an Emergency Test Keyswitch, connected to the appropriate input on the MLS Bus Power Supply, RB2000, which causes the Module to disconnect the maintained live supply causing emergency luminaires to go into emergency mode.

A walk test of the installation can then be made to check that they are operating correctly and a log to be recorded in accordance with the requirements of BS5266, testing of emergency lighting.

Emergency mode is active for as long as the keyswitch remains closed and for a period of up to 30 seconds after the keyswitch is turned off.

In the event of an actual power failure all emergency luminaires will enter emergency mode as normal.


Technical Data


Operating Voltage: 230v ~ 50Hz

Power Consumption: < 10W

Product Rating & Recommended Circuit Protection: 10 Amps

Dimensions: 90 x 60x 35mm


This device presents a load of 1 unit to the MLS Bus


Cable Specifications


MLS Digital Bus cable: 1.5mm2 unscreened twisted-pair

See Application Note AN4001 for Further cabling Information