MLSLCP4 Digital Local Control Plate


The MLSLCP4 Local Control Plate is designed to operate as part of an MLS Digital installation. This device sends messages to other equipment that is actually in control of the lights. It provides simple, manual control over a group of light fittings programmed to the same zone address, allowing the end-user to select one of three pre-set scenes, to dim, brighten or switch off the lighting as required.
The MLSLCP4 connects directly to the MLS bus via the terminals located on its reverse and consumes two ‘nodes’ on the MLS bus (max 200 when used with an RB2000 Bus Power Supply Unit; max 100 when used with an RB2000LT Bus Power Supply ‘Lite’


Technical Data

Operating Voltage: Powered from the MLS Bus (not SELV). The chassis of this device must be Earthed.

Ambient Temperature: 0 – 50oC

Depth Required Behind Wall: 35mm

Weight: 150g

Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 30mm



Please note that fascia’s must be ordered separately using the following part codes:

• MSS182BSS – Brushed stainless steel
• MSS182WHI – White
• MSS182PBR – Polished Brass
• MSS182POC – Polished Chrome