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MLSUCB High Level Interface Series


The MLSUCB is an embedded controller/web page server used to remotely monitor and control Ex-Or Digital Managed Lighting Systems (MLS Systems). It has the ability to present its status information and receive commands in BACnet protocol form. In addition, it supports the automated testing of DALI based Emergency luminaries and Signs.

When utilized for lighting control and lighting status display application (i.e. no emergency testing), the MLSUCB takes the role of bus master on the RS485 spine linking a number of RB2000s each of which drives an MLS bus capable of supporting up to 100 separate lighting zones comprised of up to 200 individual presence detectors with photocells.

Control functions in the lighting application can either be pre-programmed actions governed by an onboard time-of-day clock or manual interventions delivered via the supported web page from any co-networked personal computer running a web browser. For BACnet capable installations, real-time control actions can also be initiated by remote BMS devices.

Conversely, information, typically occupancy data, gathered by the lighting system’s detectors via BACnet protocols can be passed to other BMS disciplines.

By connecting a single emergency luminaire to individual channels of the LCM, you can create automated test schedules for those luminaires. Each individual channel of the LCM can have one emergency ballast connected. This output is individually addressed, hence any failures in the emergency luminaires can be reported back to the MLS front end application. When using the emergency testing element of the system, the number of available MLS zones for BACnet transmission is slightly reduced.



Technical Data




Up to 13 x RB2000

Up to 127 Intelligent LCMs per RB2000

Up to 500 MLS Zones

Up to 1,000 EM Test Channels (dependent on MLS Zones)

Max 1 Emergency Device per LCM Channel