MP2000UF Photocell Series
The MP2000UF is a high performance regulating and switching photocell for DSI, DALI, Analogue 1-10V and non-regulating ballasts.

It can be used with all common types of control gear in almost any environment where lights would be left on unnecessarily when there is sufficient daylight.

The MP2000UF observes the controlled space, not just daylight, and takes account of all light contributions.

Photocell operation is extremely user-friendly: lights will not be switched on or off until the Passing Cloud Time delay has elapsed thus removing the possibility of nuisance switching.

The MP2000UF offers more advanced features and operational parameters than an ordinary, simple photocell. Consequently, it requires careful and considered commissioning and is aimed at higher specification projects.


Technical Data

Operating Voltage: 230v 50Hz

Recommended Mounting Height: 2.4mt
Maximum Recommended Mounting Height: 6.0m
Photocell: Adjustable 0-5000 lux (with a 20% reflective work-plane
Volt-Free contact: 6 Amps max. Any type of lighting load
Ballast Control Type: Single master; no other masters to be connected
Ballast Control Capacity: 25 Max (1-10V, DSI, DALI Ballasts – ballast type selected via HP2000)
Pre-Programmed: No
Colour: White
IP Rating: 4X
Material: Flame Retardant PC/ABS


Programming Tools And Controllers


o HP2000 – MLS Digital Programmer


o HC6 – Two button controller c/w wall bracket
o HC5 – Replaced with HC5A (May 2014)
o HC5A – Universal Hand-held controller


o PB64 – Plaster board Mounting Kit