Quick Set Pro


The QuickSet Pro MLS Digital Programmer Handset is designed for use with Ex-Or’s range of lighting control systems. The programmable parameters of the various products can be configured via this battery-powered, hand-held, infrared unit.

The QuickSet Pro allows commissioning and re-commissioning to be carried out with virtually no disturbance to the building’s occupants. Settings are chosen from the Quick Set Pro’s menu and transferred instantaneously to the product being programmed by pressing the Upload button. The commissioning engineer receives positive feedback at all stages of the process. Settings from one product can be copied in seconds to another and settings can be checked at any time using the QuickSet Pro’s download function.

During the lifetime of an installation, the requirements for lighting may change. Changes to the layout or use of a workspace, no matter how extensive, require no alteration to the wiring of the system. Reprogramming of the parameters set during commissioning can be carried out quickly and easily using the QuickSet Pro.

The QuickSet Pro can be easily upgraded to accommodate product revisions/additions by the supplied PC Software package via USB.


Technical Data


  • Quick Set Pro
  • Supply: 4 x AA Alkaline cells
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 (Device)
  • Mass Storage: Micro SD Card


System Requirements (for product upgrades)

Windows XP, Vista, Win 7&8