QuickSet LightSpot HD Programmer

The QuickSet is an infra-red programming controller specially designed for LightSpot HD The QuickSet Programmer off  the ability

to re-set quickly and easily a sensor’s programmable parameters. This user-friendly remote control can be used to trigger a total of 18 functions.

The push buttons consists of:

  • On/Off,
  • Brighten Up/Down
  • Set Light Level threshold for photocell Time delay 5, 10, 20, or 40mins Absence and Presence modes Photocell On/Off
  • Walk Test
  • Lamp Burn-in. Start/Stop/Resume

Walk Test

  • Restore – Back to Factory defaults.


Note: Not all the programmable parameters are available on the QuickSet programming tool. For all the programing options the QuickSet Pro will be required.