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76W  60°

88W  60°

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Highbay Power LED 60°:



Lowbay Power LED 90°:



SROUND LED highbay luminaries offer industry leading efficiency and are specifically designed to be robust, with a wide range of options for all highbay applications. SROUND luminaires are designed to operate within a temperature range of – 35°C to + 75°C.*

SROUND LED sets the new benchmark for lighting solutions in industrial applications. Offering eight light output options, an IP65 rated housing, 60,000 hours life expectancy (@ L70) and an operating temperature range of – 35°C to + 75°C* (using the industrial driver). SROUND makes no compromise on performance or application intent (fit for purpose).


Technical Data:

•  Power Supply: 220-240V AC 50/60 Hz

•  Housing: Aluminium Profile

•  Diffuser: Tempered Glass with Safety Film

•  Light Source: Mid Power LED, Power LED

• Power and Luminous Flux Highbay 60° Mid Power LED:

–  56W/8927lm; 76W/11690lm; 88W/13461lm

• Power and Luminous Flux Lowbay 90° Mid Power LED:

–  56W/8820lm; 76W/11576lm; 88W/13376lm

• Power and Luminous Flux Highbay 60° Power LED:

–  68W/9805lm; 136W/18429lm

• Power and Luminous Flux Lowbay 90° Power LED:

–  68W/9679lm; 136W/18217lm

•  Colour Temperature: 4000K / 5700K / 6500K

•  CRI: Mid Power LED>80, Mid Power LED >70

•  Impact Resistance: IK 09

•  Temperature Range: -35°C to +75°C (*working ambient temperature)

•  IP Rating: IP 65 / IP 66



• Options: DALI Compatible