VCR – Voltage

The VCR voltage control relay is a 2 DIN module, to activate an external circuit relay detects the exact sequence of the phases in three-phase systems and the unbalance of the voltages caused by the decrease or lack of a phase. This device is applied in all those cases in which it is indispensable to respect the phase sequence during the installation or prevent high oscillations of the power supply voltage in the network.


• Parameters adjustable via trimmer

• Possibility to activate the alarm memory function via selector

• Possibility to choose the maximum or minimum mode via selector

• Full scale selection via wiring


Technical Data:

•  Power Supply: 230V AC (-15 ÷ +10%)

•  Input Signal: 10V – 100V or 50V – 500V

•  Dimensions: 2 Din module (35mm)

•  Frequency: 50/60Hz

•  Absorption VA (W): <4

•  Intervention threshold: Adjustable between 10% and 100% of the full scale

•  Hysteresis: Adjustable between 5% and 50% of the threshold

•  Relay switching delay: Adjustable between 0.1 and 10

•  Output:

– Relay capacity with change-over contact at 250V AC  8A

– maximum switchable voltage in AC: 380V

– maximum switchable current in A: 10A

– maximum switchable power in AC: 2000 VA


Order Number: VE144200