CHIME 465A Bw/w

With its sound plates of real bell steel, the classical Grothe two-tone gong reliably ensures a clear, rich tone during signalling. Conventional technology with the highest quality and longest durability. The 8 – 12V gongs can be operated via a transformer, but now have an additional compartment for 1 x 9V battery as standard.


CHIME 465A Bw/w Features

• Two tone

• Volume  max. 83 dB(A)


Technical Data: CHIME 465A Bw/w

Power Supply: Transformer 8 V~ (4 VA) or Battery operated with 1 x 9V

Dimensions: 117(H) x 117(W) x 45(D) mm

Temperature Range: +5°C to +40°C



Casting: White

Front cover: White

Order Number: 44466


Note: Batteries and Transformer are not in the scope of delivery