LightSpot LS Mid-Bay Switching

Ex-Or Mid-Bay LightSpot HD offers energy-saving PIR presence detection at heights of up to 12m Mid-Bay making it ideal for warehouse racking aisles and other high-level applications. Coverage is on a (1:2 ratio for Mid-Bay i.e. at 12m height, the detector’s footprint is a 24.00m (diameter circle) The Mid-Bay features a range of programmable parameters so that operation can be tailored to your own particular requirements. Programming is carried out with an infrared programmer from ground level: a particularly welcome capability, considering

Features and benefits


High sensitivity occupancy detection

Integrated daylight sensing

Quick, easy commissioning with wireless programming tools

Enhanced detection range

Absence & Presence mode operation

Simplified installation

Flush and surface mount options



Technical Data

Technology: Yin/Yang PIR

360° Up-to 24mts Diameter @ a mounting height of 12mts

Operating Voltage: 230V +/- 15% 50/60 Hz
Recommended Circuit Protection 16A MCB

Load Rating: Switching – 10A
(Max Inrush Current 80A)

Power Consumption: 

    • Load On 500mW 
    • Load Off 150mW

Operating Temperature: 0° C to 45° C

Storage Temperature: -20° C to 80° C

Fascia: 20% to 80% non-condensing

Colour: White (RAL9010)

Material: Flame retardant PC/ABS



LS3200RMB Switching

Operating Voltage: 230v 50Hz

Capacity: 10A

IP Rating: IP4x



Programming Tools And Controllers


QuickSet Pro – LightSpot HD Digital 2 Way Programming Tool

QuickSet – LightSpot HD Infrared Programming Tool



QuickControl – LightSpot HD Infrared User Controller



SURFMT: LightSpot HD Surface Mount Kit

LOCKRING: LightSpot HD Secure Flush Mount Adaptor