CDW12 Connect Digital Series


The CDW12U5 is an intelligent connection box providing connections for up to twelve luminaires, up to five detectors and up to five switch inputs. The unit is designed to simplify installation whilst providing an intelligent managed lighting system, including provision for emergency lighting.


Technical Data

Operating Voltage: 230v 50Hz

Recommended Circuit Protection: 16 Amps

Max Switched Live Load per Chanel: 6 Amps

Max Total Switched Live Load: 16A

Digital Dimming Ballasts per Channel: 10 Maximum

Digital Dimming Ballasts per CD Box:  40 Maximum

1-10V Dimming Ballasts per Channel:  20mA (SINKING only). See manufacturer’s specification: worst case 10 ballasts but Philips HF-R, for example, 20 ballasts. Observe Switched Live Load limits above.

Maintained Live Output: 2A total per CD Box

Mains Supply Terminal Capacity: 1×2.5mm2 or 1×4.0mm2

Override Switch Input Connector: 2.5mm2

MLS Bus Connector: 2.5mm2

MLS Bus Cable: 1.5mm2 unscreened twisted pair – see     Application Note AN4001

Case Material: Polycarbonate

Case Finish: Lightly textured gunmetal grey


Detectors For CDW12

MLS2500CDR – 90 Deg Microwave Semi-flush Mt

MLS2500CDRSM – 90 Deg Microwave Surface Mt


MLS2401CDR  – 360° Microwave Flush Mt

MLS2401CDRSM  – 360° Microwave Surface Mt


MLS2001CDR – 360° PIR Flush Mt

MLS2001CDRSM – 360° PIR Surface Mt


Detectors Integral for CDW12

MLSM2002CDR – Control Module for integration within luminaire

DHS -360° PIR detector for use with MLSM2002CDR – Silver Bezel

DHW -360° PIR detector for use with MLSM2002CDR – White Bezel


Programming Tools



Infrared Programmer



  • CDWDC – Plugin Card Dimming DSI/DALI
  • CDWAC – Plugin Card Dimming Analogue
  • CDWBC – Plugin Card MLS Bus
  • CDWRB – Plugin Card MLS Power Supply
  • CDWIP – Switch Input Plugs (set of 5)
  • CPWL6 – GST 18/6 Plug Latching Shell
  • DHFK-S Flush-mounting Kit for integral detector (DHS) – Silver
  • DHFK-W Flush-mounting Kit for integral detector (DHW) – White