MLS2000 PIR Series


MLS Digital offers a flexible, user-responsive, building-wide control solution via a network of communicating detectors. Constant monitoring of occupancy and ambient light levels enables the system to automatically deliver optimum lighting conditions while effecting energy and cost savings. MLS Digital is available for use with all fixed-output and digital dimming HF ballasts.

This data sheet covers ceiling-mounted MLS Digital Detectors for use with fixed-output ballasts. These remote detectors are used to control groups of luminaires. They provide switching where there is no need for regulating light levels and incorporate a passive photocell to maximise energy savings.


Technical Data


Operating Voltage: 230v 50Hz

Range: 6mt Diameter at a 2.4mt mounting height with a 360deg Cone-shaped detection pattern

Maximum Recommended Mounting Height: 3.0m

Off Delay: 1 minute – 96 hours

Photocell: Adjustable 50-5000 lux

Max Load: 6 Amps

Recommended Circuit Protection: 10 Amps

Pre Programmed: Yes

Colour: White

IP Rating: Slimlineflush-4X; Flush&Surface-3X

Material: Flame Retardant PC/ABS


Programming Tools And Controllers


o HP2000 – MLS Digital Programmer

o HC5 – Replaced with HC5A (May 2014)
o HC5A – Universal Hand-held controller



o PB64 – Plaster board Mounting Kit (For Slimline Units Only)