MLS2000SSP Scene Switch Panel


The Ex-Or MLS Digital provides a flexible and user- responsive building-wide managed lighting system via a network of communicating presence detectors.

This data sheet covers the MLS Digital Scene Switch Panel. This unit is used to provide groups of luminaires with scene setting and recall, zone control and communication functions. It is useful for areas such as conference rooms or lecture theatres where the primary requirement is to set up and recall different lighting scenes (not necessarily in conjunction with presence detection) to suit a variety various activities.



Technical Data


Power Supply: 230v ~ 50Hz

Power Consumption: < 10W

MLS Cable: 1.5mm2 unscreened twisted pair;

Dimming Cable: 1mm2 2-core mains rated cable

Dimming Output: up to 25 ballasts (DSI or DALI – not mixed

Ta: 0-40oC

Dimensions: Module (inc supporting frame): 82mm x 144mm

Fascia: 86mm x 146mm


Programmers and Controllers


o HP2000 – MLS Digital Programmer

o HC5 – Replaced with HC5A (May 2014)
o HC5A – Universal Hand-held controller



Please note that fascia’s must be ordered separately using the following part codes:

• MSSPBSS – Brushed stainless steel
• MSSPWHI – White
• MSSPPBR – Polished Brass
• MSSPPOC – Polished Chrome