MLS Connect Digital PIR Detectors Series


CDW12U5 Programmable Connection Centres and CDH4U5/CDH8U5 Hard-Wired Intelligent Lighting Control Modules support a range of dedicated high-performance presence detectors. Detectors contain a photocell to monitor total light levels, allowing the light output of dimmable luminaires to be adjusted to suit the natural light level available.

MLS2001CDR – 360deg PIR Presence Detection

All contain an infrared port that can be used both for local control from a hand-held device when in service and for initial commissioning of the CDW12U5/CDH4U5/CDH8U5 Intelligent LCM system.

Detectors connect to the LCM via RJ45 patch leads and all are SELV devices when properly installed and connected. Ready-made patch leads are available in lengths of 3m, 5m and 10m.



Technical Data



Operating Voltage: 12V DC, SELV if installed correctly

Range: 6mt Diameter at a 2.4mt mounting height with a 360deg Cone-shaped detection pattern

Maximum Recommended Mounting Height: 3.0m

Photocell: Yes

Colour: White

IP Rating: 3X

Material: Flame retardant PC/ABS


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