Vemer twilight switches turn lights on or off depending on the brightness level set. This allows for energy-efficient street lighting in municipal and community authorities. Vemer twilight switches are available as a DIN rail device module or wall-mounted or attached directly to a street pole. Twilight switches with integrated time switches are suitable for lighting in public buildings such as schools and universities as lesson times, holidays and bank holidays have to be taken into account when controlling lighting


The QUICKLUX 4F twilight switch activates an electrical load according to the ambient light. QUICKLUX 4F is suitable for controlling loads with 230vAC power supply. The innovative wiring system auto,atically create the contact with the cable when the nit is tightened, allowing a reduction in installation time 



• Threshold regulation (sensitivity): 3-70 lux

•  Wall/Pole mounting



Technical Data:

•  Power Supply: 230V AC(-10% – +10%)

•  Number of relays: One

•  Output: 10A /250Vac

•  Threshold regulation (sensitivity): 3-70 lux

•  Hysteresis: 4 lux

•  Programming: No

•  Max storable programs: Nil

•  Number of switching segments:Nil

•  Dimensions: 107 x 52 x 42

•  Frequency: 50/60Hz

•  Absorption: 6VA

•  Battery back-up: No

•  Switching in case of power failure: No

•  Minimum Switching: No

•  Temperature Range: 0°C to +50°C

•  IP Rating: IP54



Order Number: VE5054700