The RB200LT is a low-cost Bus Power Supply for small buildings, or areas with fewer than 100 MLS devices (e.g. presence detectors).

In keeping with the low-cost theme, the RB2000LT can accept inputs from ordinary wall switches to manually override presence detectors (2000 series only, programmed to zones 1 and/or 2).

The RB2000LT is compatible with both 1200 and 2000 Series presence detectors and accessories, however only one series type can be supported at any one time.


Technical Data

Power Supply: 230v ~ 50Hz

Power Consumption: < 10W

Maximum number of linked RB2000LT units per installation: Nil

Maximum number of devices per RB2000LT: 100

Maximum total length of MLS bus cable (ring topology): 1500m

IP rating: 65

Dimensions (w x d x h): 125 x 175 x 75mm


Cable Specifications


MLS Digital Bus cable: 1.5mm2 unscreened twisted-pair (See application Note AN4001)

Spine/Backbone cable: Belden 9502

Override cable: Any mains-rated cable, e.g. 0.5mm2 two-core.