LightSpot LS Dimming PIR Sensor


A range of high performance PIR sensors for dependable control of analogue and digital dimming lighting loads.


Features and benefits


High definition lenses, performance optics and software are all optimised to provide class leading sensitivity and occupancy detection ensuring that the lights are always on when required.


LightSpot HD Dimming sensors include integral photocells which will hold the lights off in occupied areas or switch them off at a given light level. Regulating photocells enable a constant light level to be maintained through analogue or digital dimming.


LightSpot HD standard mount sensors deliver a highly sensitive micro detection diameter of 7m within a 10m macro detection diameter (when installed at a mounting height of 2.5m).


Automatic detection of DALI and DSI digital dimming type luminaires reduces commissioning time and minimises errors in commissioning.


Technical Data

Technology: Yin/Yang PIR

360° Micro 7mts Macro 10mts

Operating Voltage: 230V +/- 15% 50/60 Hz
Recommended Circuit Protection 16A MCB

Load Rating: 

    • Switching – 10A
(Max Inrush Current 80A)
    • Dimming – 15 Ballasts

Power Consumption:

    • Load On 500mW
    • Load Off 150mW

Operating Temperature: 0° C to 45° C

Storage Temperature: -20° C to 80° C

Fascia: 20% to 80% non-condensing

Colour: White (RAL9010)

Material: Flame retardant PC/ABS

IP Rating: IP4x



LS3000AR Switching/Dimming

Operating Voltage: 230v 50Hz

Capacity: Max 15 ballasts

Output: Analogue


LS3000D Dimming

Operating Voltage: 230v 50Hz

Capacity:  Max 15 ballasts

Output: Digital DSI/DALI


LS3000DR Switching/Dimming

Operating Voltage: 230v 50Hz

Capacity: Max 15 ballasts

Output: Digital DSI/DALI


Programming Tools And Controllers


QuickSet Pro – LightSpot HD Digital 2 Way Programming Tool

QuickSet – LightSpot HD Infrared Programming Tool


QuickControl – LightSpot HD Infrared User Controller



SURFMT: LightSpot HD Surface Mount Kit

LOCKRING: LightSpot HD Secure Flush Mount Adaptor