RB2000 Series Power Supplies

A single RB2000 Bus Power Supply powers and synchronises the bus for up to 200 MLS Digital devices. It is equipped with a test facility which provides a simple check of the bus integrity and five override inputs to enable easy control of complete systems from one centralised location.

Linking of the Bus Power Supply units enables a building- wide common zone to be established without the need for additional hardware. Up to 99 RB2000 Bus Power Supply units can be connected together (per installation) increasing capacity to almost 20,000 devices on a single MLS Digital system


Technical Data

Power Supply: 230v ~ 50Hz

Power Consumption: < 10W

Maximum number of linked RB2000 units per installation: 99

Maximum number of devices per RB2000: 200

Maximum total length of MLS bus cable (ring topology): 1500m

IP rating: 65

Dimensions (w x d x h): 213 x 185 x 117mm


Cable Specifications

MLS Digital Bus cable: 1.5mm2 unscreened twisted-pair

Spine/Backbone cable: Belden 9502

Override cable: Any mains-rated cable, e.g. 0.5mm2 two-core.