MLS2421 Microwave Series


Digital Gold is part of a comprehensive range of presence detection systems designed to control modular luminaires with DSI, DALI, high frequency ballasts and other lighting loads.
Digital Gold offers superior-performance, programmable presence detection for lighting control in offices and open-plan workstations. It uses microwave technology which enables the range to be adjusted to ensure a tailored detection pattern to suit any application and is available for flush and surface mounting with single or dual-circuit option. Digital Gold can operate as a stand-alone device or as part of a networked MLS Digital system.
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Technical Data

Operating Voltage: 230v 50Hz

Range: Approx 7m Dia at 2.4m ceiling height

Maximum Recommended Mounting Height: 3.0m

Off Delay: 1 Min-96 Hours Adjustable

Recommended Circuit Protection: 10 Amps

Photocell: Yes

Colour: White

IP Rating: 2X

Material: Flame retardant ABS



Maximum Recommended Load: (Volt-Free) 6 Amps

Maximum Recommended Load: (DSI/DALI) 25 Ballasts



Maximum Recommended Load: (Volt-Free) 6 Amps

Maximum Recommended Load: (Analogue) 20 Ballasts


Programming Tools And Controllers


o HP2000 – MLS Digital Programmer


o HC6 – Two button controller c/w wall bracket
o HC5 – Replaced with HC5A (May 2014)
o HC5A – Universal Hand-held controller