UC1200 Washroom Series


Automatically flushing cisterns can waste a great deal of water. In a typical installation, every cistern flushes automatically all day and all night, during weekends and holidays, whether the facility is being used or not. A 10 litre cistern can use 20,000 litres of water a month and most of it is wasted.

Presence-detecting LightSpot washroom controls provide a simple and effective way to cut the waste and save money by regulating the flow of water to automatic flushing cisterns. Further savings can be made by switching off lights and fans in unoccupied toilet areas. With the dual-circuit version, the flush control can be programmed independently from the lighting control.

To ensure that fresh, hygienic conditions are maintained during holiday shutdowns, an automatic daily flush takes place.



Technical Data


Operating Voltage: 230v 50Hz

Range: 6mt Diameter at a 2.4mt mounting height with a 360 deg Cone-shaped detection pattern

Maximum Recommended Mounting Height: 3.0m

Off Delay: 1 minute – 96 hours

Photocell: Adjustable 50-5000 lux

Max Load: 6 Amps

Recommended Circuit Protection: 10 Amps

Duel Circuit: 1xVolt Free, 1xSwitched Live

Off Delay: Independently Adjustable

Pre-Programmed: Yes

Colour: White

IP Rating: 3X

Material: Flame Retardant PC/ABS



UC1221PF & UC1221PSM only

Dual-circuit option: (1 x volt-free, 1 x switched-live output: UC1221PF & UC1221PSM only). Switched- live influenced by photocell, volt-free output by presence detection only. Independent time delays can be programmed via HP10 or QuickSet Pro.


Programming Tools And Controllers


o QuickSet_Pro
o HP18 – Override/programming remote controller
o HP10 – Replaced with HP18 (Jan 2014)


o HC6 – Two button controller c/w wall bracket
o HC5 – Replaced with HC5A (May 2014)
o HC5A – Universal Hand-held controller


o PB64 – Plaster board Mounting Kit